pop up pavilion


provincie Utrecht

freelance at

architecten van Mourik




july - august 2017

freelance, interior architecture
About This Project

The pop-up pavilion is part of UtrechtLab and is located in the central hall of the Utrecht provincial house. It is a place where the province collaborates with many partners on solutions for today’s and tomorrow’s complex social problems. External specialists and experts are asked to participate.
The pop-up it is an inspiring environment where different parties will feel at home and where they will have room for conversation, experiments and bigger stories. The space is designed as a circular, multifunctional and neutral landscape with a completely unique white identity. There are several places for consultation and cooperation that are separated by one continuous white curtain. Opening them completely or partially allows users to tailor the room to their needs. All elements furniture, columns, floor and curtains are also white. This brings the focus to people, information and their projects.
Chairs, tables and other elements in the lab are mostly collected from second hand shops and they are all unique. In addition to an important circular statement, reusing is also an integral part of the concept. The diversity of the furniture meant to lead everyone to choose for different strategies. In addition some furniture has gained a new meaning, for example by using elements other than originally intended. The uniformity of the space arises with spraying everything in the same color; white. The popup is designed for being disassembled and rebuild it elsewhere. Thus Mourik’s architects created a space that is distinctly different from the surrounding , which offers space for creativity, collaboration and co-creation.