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architecten van Mourik


2017 - present

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About This Project

To stimulate the use of public transport the national government of the Netherlands has appointed special hubs where high-density housing will be developed. This residential tower is part of this development close to station ‘Holland Spoor’ in the city of The Hague. The project contains 270 apartments ranging from 22 m2 to 75 m2, public and commercial functions in the first two floors, which are programmed to fit the target group, a separate bike storage and a car park.

The construction system makes use of loadbearing facades. With the system we create a hyper flexible floor plan as well during the design process as for future remodelling. The loadbearing facade has a simple and slender lath, which allows a lot of light into the houses. The whole facade in prefabricated to allow a fast building pace. The benefits of this prefabrication lie also in the quality and consistency of the finished product. Within the lath a game of open and closed infills give the facade a strong both informal character. On the inner side of the L-shaped floor plan the balconies respect the lines of the lath and create a checkerboard pattern. This pattern gives amplifies the lath of the facade.